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Style: The Basics of Men’s Fashion by S. Owens


If you’re reading this you’re probably the average man who has never really thought about fashion or think it’s only for rich guys or snobs. You also probably think it’s time consuming and complex which is also false. Before we get into it I’ll give you a few tips that’ll automatically raise your sense of style exponentially.

Go slimmer

Clothes look better and flatter your frame no matter your body type when they are well fitting. When I say slim I don’t mean skinny jeans and other ill-fitting oddities of so called fashion, think more the suits of James Bond or a celebrity on the red carpet. Your clothes should be form fitting but not so tight that they restrict blood flow. Try to size down a size or two and see how the clothes fit, obviously it helps if you are physically fit but even if you aren’t clothes that fit well makes you look better and amplifies your presence.

Lose the labels

Clothes with humongous labels that cover a large area of a clothing item are terrible. I don’t mean the classic and tiny labels like the Ralph Lauren polo horseman, but the type of clothing where everybody looks at you and can’t miss the designer of your clothes. It is very tacky and a well-dressed man would never be caught dead in a clothing item covered in obnoxious labels. Don’t stick to name brands There are brands which are very high quality and I find myself repeatedly buying from, but there are also brands you may have never heard of that are also producing quality goods. If you see something you like and it fits well go for it regardless of the brand.

Style lasts forever, trends are temporary

A nice fitting suit has been a staple of men’s fashion for centuries while fashion trends like skinny jeans and leather pants come and go. Don’t get me wrong some trends do become a staple of style, but that happens over years and it is usually just a tweak on a traditional element of style, think adding a pocket square to a suit or going tieless. Clothes are an investment and you want to purchase clothes that will still look good years from now, I personally have clothes I bought years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing today, don’t make those same mistakes.

Don’t go match crazy. Matching is a good thing but don’t overdo it, contrary to popular belief most outfits that are matching completely don’t look good. Instead mix and match different hues of the same color, instead of blue pants and shoes the same shade wear some navy shoes and lighter blue pants.


No matter your body type, following the rules of style will make you look good, but an in shape man will look even better. Clothes will fit better and your inner confidence will make your clothes look better on you.

Ignore the haters

As you start to dress better you will catch the admiration of women and other secure men who will compliment your sense of style, but you will get jealous comments and looks from men who refuse or can’t dress better. Ignore them, they don’t matter and wish they could carry themselves in the same fashion.

Don’t become obsessed

Yes when you are a well-dressed man you will feel good about yourself and want to spread the gospel of sharp men’s fashion, but don’t be the person that gives well-dressed men a bad name, talking down on others who lack your same sharp sense of style.

After reading this article you are already ahead of 90% of men in the style department, so why not dive in and go upgrade your wardrobe?


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