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6 Eye-Opening Ways to Learn to Eat Well For Life by Shari Carter


Is it difficult to learn how to eat well for life? You can learn no matter how difficult it may be. The benefits of learning these skills will far out way the looming fear you may have of beginning this journey.

Do you know the feeling when you are driving at night or in an unfamiliar place? This is a feeling of uncertainty that alerts all of your senses but also can bring on feelings of vulnerability. Like you are lacking confidence. This is a similar feeling for starting something new to change your overall lifestyle. It’s a teetering thought to move forward into unfamiliar ground.

But you should be excited to know that you are already daring and carrying around confidence. You have started on your journey to eat well for life because you are here searching for ways to conquer the battle of the bulge and live a more jubilant life. Since you are showing courage, you are already conquering stumbling blocks to accomplish your goals.

I am not a fan of diets because they are hard to incorporate into my routine and with my family. So, I try to eat healthy, but it isn’t always easy. I do a lot of things right, but not all of the time. But then I took on a challenge to really focus on watching what I eat. As soon as I fueled that fire inside to make a solid effort, I was successful and have been able to create lifetime healthy eating habits.

6 Eye-Opening Ways to Learn to Eat Well For Life

Your reasons. First of all, you need to fuel your passion and fire inside so that you can carry that energy through the times things get rough. Figure out what your reasons are for wanting to eat well for life.

Express yourself. Next, thoughtfully write down goals that you intend to accomplish. Be very specific and time sensitive in your goal writing. Once they are written, read them every day.

Focus. Now that you have a direction of where you want to go, keep that focus by reading your goals and visualizing yourself accomplishing every one of those goals.

Prepare ahead. To discourage emotions getting in the way of your food choices, plan your daily meals and snack at least a week in advance. The great thing about this is that you will only purchase healthy food that you have planned to eat.

Fruit in the morning. A good way to make sure you get your fruit and satisfy your sweet tooth, is to eat only fruit in the mornings. Doing this will jump start your metabolism and give you energy without feeling lazy.

Whole grains. Choose to eat only 100% whole grains to combat extra weight around the belly. It’s also a good idea to skip eating carbs a couple days a week.

Shari Carter is a Health and Wellness Advocate. She is passionate about helping people reach their health and weight loss goals.

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