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Be Audacious – It’s Your Choice by Simon T. Bailey


In life, there are exquisite moments that forever leave an imprint on one’s emotional psyche. I experienced one of those moments while sharing the stage with Dr. Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Libby Seatrain, who was then Chief People Officer for That day, Dr. Covey said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spirit beings have a human experience.” I had never heard a statement like this before. It is as riveting today as it was when he first said it.

I’ve chewed on this concept for the last nine years, but only recently has it finally clicked. When you understand the science of the spirit, you realize you were created in brilliance to be audacious. The posture and disposition of audacious living is to possess a daring attitude of confidence with a high disregard for conformity, conventional thinking, or common existence.

As spiritual beings, we exist in a matrix, or quantum field, that is pulling things toward us like a magnet. We repel from us the things that are incongruent with our worldview. In other words, you will always attract people, situations, and circumstances based on the vibrational energy that you release into the universe through daily conversation.

Audacious men and women are bold in their beliefs and convictions. That’s why they are revered and admired in the matrix-because they have found a way to channel their energy like a laser in the direction of their intended destiny. They become iconic brands; think of people like Lady GaGa, Sara Blakely, JayZ, Marc Andreessen, Tyler Perry, or Bono.

As you begin to comprehend the science of the spirit as an audacious being, you realize that you are not trying to work your way toward the future; your future is already present. You have often heard me say that the future is created in the present. Over the last one hundred years, motivational and self-help teachers have said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve.” Well, that is only a half-truth. Do you know anyone who came up with an idea, then believed and invested in it, only to have it fail? I do, and his initials are STB. Here is the other side of the coin.

You are future-present because at some point you will hear a conversation in your spirit about who you are becoming.

As a spiritual being, what you hear expands your lexicology (the study of how words are structured and stored in your mental lexicon) and the neural mechanism in the brain that controls comprehension and production begins to program the tongue to say what you hear and see. So the question becomes: Did you hear your future first, or see it? I submit to you that you heard about your future in your spirit first and then began to repeat verbally what you heard. Then you started acting “as if” your future was happening in the present.

Characteristics of audacious individuals are the following:

  • People either like them or not.
  • They attract attention in a crowded room without saying anything.
  • They’re highly intuitive-always dialed into what is happening in the world.
  • They operate with tacit knowledge; that is, they don’t know how they do what they do; they just do it with confidence. There is no app that you can download to gain this type of intuition.
  • Something shifts inside of you when you are in their presence.
  • They are agents of change. They are not afraid of change; they create it.

Audacious individuals repel inferior energy. They may be alone but never lonely. Worry is foreign to them because in the quantum field of life they understand how to de-emotionalize themselves by keeping a cool head when drama surrounds them.

Okay, I will land the plane. Harvey Mackay shares a powerful insight about the Japanese Koi fish, which has unlimited growth potential. When the Koi fish is put into a small fish bowl, it will only grow two or three inches in length. But when it is put into a larger tank or even a small pond, it will grow six to ten inches. If placed in an even bigger pond, it will grow to one and half feet. Finally, if it is put into a large lake where it can really stretch out, it will grow to three feet. The size of the fish is proportional to the size of its environment.

As an audacious individual remember the size of your future is only limited by the size of your quantum field. When you are audacious, you invite the world to mirror back to you what you are releasing into the atmosphere. Your spirit grows in direct proportion to the size of the environment in which you choose to live. This resurrection season, it’s time to be audacious.

Lead, Love, and Live Brilliantly,

Simon T. Bailey


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