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Sleep Can Change Your Perspective


“It’ll be all over, in the morning”

We are always told to never go to bed angry at your mate and even scriptures states: ‘don’t let the sun go down on your Anger” – Ephesians 4:26.

The key to the path we walk is to have understanding and wisdom. Keeping in that principle, the way God structured the body–providing emotions and hormones, should play an important part in our perspectives.

You see, there is a difference between being angry and being upset. They are similar emotions but being angry is associated with aggression and upset is more about sadness and disappointments.

Therefore, going to sleep angry should NOT happen but going to bed upset CAN change your perspective in the morning.

For clarity, let me explain. There is a concept I like to call “emotionally saturated” or flooded. When you are highly upset or angry, it affects your intelligence. This is NEVER a good time to discuss anything with your mate or anyone else. Why? Well, one often defaults to their primitive instinct of being aggressive or fleeing and these are never good.

Therefore, when you are angry or upset with your mate, just say, “Let’s just go to sleep so we can empty our emotional tank.” Don’t try to force the other one to talk when they are flooded!!!! It will NOT help and they do not have the cognitive abilities to comprehend what you are saying anyway. Allow them to sleep it off and you do the same. Stop engaging in those thoughts and sleep it off. Often, a good night’s sleep will change your perspective.

Message: Being anger or upset will cloud your judgement because it affects your intellect. It’s a scientific fact. Even though scriptures states to be angry and sin not, the sin can occur when taking actions with a diminished intellect or judgement.

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