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Devotional: Unnecessary Burdens by Shad E. Comeaux

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Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you.Psalm 55:22a (ESV)

Have you ever experienced a difficult situation or circumstance, and as you reflected, you realized it was something you did not have to go through or a burden you did not have to carry?  Imagine this, you arrive at the airport with luggage that is difficult to carry and roll, but when offered help you refused because either you were cheap or felt like you could handle it yourself.  After making your way through the crowd, stairs, and escalators, you quickly discovered the luggage was too much to handle, but remember, you declined assistance when you first arrived at the airport.  When we first encounter difficulties, we have a choice at that moment to give it to God, but often times we want to carry our burden and pain until we feel we cannot do it anymore.

David arrived to the conclusion that burden bearing for a child of God is unnecessary.  Whenever facing difficulties, we should immediately cast our burdens on the Lord knowing He will sustain us.  To cast is to throw, remove, or dispose of.  When you throw something, you create a great distance between you and whatever you threw, this means when you cast your burdens on the Lord there should be a great distance between you and what you gave to the Lord so that you cannot easily pick it up again.  We carry unnecessary burdens when we refuse to give them to God!  Peter also encouraged New Testament believers who were suffering to give their burdens and anxieties to God, because He cared for them.

Here are the facts, in life we are going to face obstacles and have burdens that cannot be handled alone, but God commands us to hand them over to Him.  God is the only who can sustain and keep us in difficulties.  It does not cost us anything to cast our burdens on the Lord, but it can very costly when we carry unnecessary burdens.

Scriptural Challenge: Through prayer, cast your current burdens on the Lord and walk away.



Shad Comeaux is a native of Port Arthur, TX.  Shad earned his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Texas A&M University, his Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Arlington, and pursuing a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Shad is licensed he and his family have been members of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Houston where he teaches Sunday School and Discovery classes.  Shad and his wife Carranda have been married for seven years. They have a soon to be four-year old daughter, Carsyn, and two-year old son, Shad Elijah.


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