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Tiring Worship by Derick Thomas

Daily Digest

We’ve all seen a lot of stuff on social media, videos of church services with various expressions of worship, and I’m sure we will see more.

It represents in a varying degree the styles of worship found among churches in every nation.

But how does God feel about my worship?
I have not progressed in my demonstration as it compares to others demonstrations. My feet don’t move that fast.
My shout is not as loud.
My tears are not as wet.
My body shakes very little.
My hands don’t touch the sky.

Surely your worship is different than my worship.

In Mexico I’ve witnessed worshipers by the hundreds rush to the altar during worship and begin crying out to God so loud that it didn’t matter that the band couldn’t play well and the singers weren’t on key.

In Africa I’ve seen a few thousand Africans praying strong, singing long and with energy filling an auditorium with a relentless worship unaffected by economic conditions.

In Europe, Germany I’ve watched the very well reserved crowd clap their hands to old gospel favorites like Oh Happy Day, experiencing a small release in a life of reservation.

In the USA we already know how professional our worship has become.

No matter where you are from your worship can become a religious ritualistic act full of habit and form.

When someone turns the key that opens the door to your response you may find it’s always the same set of keys.

Whether it’s a preacher saying, when I think of the goodness of Jesus.
Or hearing a preacher hoop these are keys used to make us respond. Maybe it’s when you hear stringed instruments playing hallelujah or the vibrating notes of a Hammond B3. Your trigger is usually always the same and it’s not going to happen unless that trigger is pulled.

In the first chapter of Isaiah, God told them he was tired of their worship. He said he’s tired of their rituals and wonders who told them to act the way they do. He says he’s grown tired of the promotions, events and conferencing, it’s what I call tiring worship.

Centuries have come and gone and it’s time for a change.

I was recently on an international tv broadcast that reaches 172 nations. I was asked to sing a couple songs of worship.
It was a great opportunity.
As I finished, I walked off the set feeling happy about myself, to the back room and met a lady who was bringing food in for us…us.
Her day began at 8am preparing food. Oh she wasn’t preparing it for us at 8am instead it was for the 160 people coming to eat at her ministry that day like everyday.

God gets tired of our way of worship but never tires of us feeding the hungry. This is the worship he desires.
How great a worship!
Isaiah 1:11-17


30 Year Worship Leader, Songwriter, Producer, Artist, Coach, Speaker, & Consultant;  Pastor Derick Thomas is a versatile and compelling Leadership Trainer, and Certified Behavioral Consultant. He is a Dove and Stellar Award Nominee, Songwriter, Producer, CEO of Sound of the House. 

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