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Do It Afraid by Lavelle Eagle

Young Brotha

If there is one thing that every athlete, business owner, first year student, or practically anyone has ever had in common, it is the fact that the first time you did or wanted to do anything of significance, fear was a very real presence at the event. Unless there was literally ice in the veins, I would submit that the fleeting thought similar to the question, “What if I lose?”, or “What if I fail?” Here is a tad bit of a news flash: At some point in time, you will lose a game. You will drop the ball in trying to complete a task. That meeting or interview will NOT go the way you thought it would go.

These are very real possibilities, but I need us to understand that even though they are possibilities, they are not missed opportunities. I am coming to understand that I will never really know just what I can accomplish if I am always excusing myself out of seemingly every opportunity that is given.

We always say that failure is not an option. This is true, when it is pointed to the big picture. There is not one wealthy business person, athlete, or anyone in the professional arena who has not experienced failure with an investment, an idea and the like. The key, however, was that they did it afraid. They did it without knowing the exact details of the outcome. You want to know their biggest fear? What if they didn’t do it!! What if Michael Jordan never got cut in high school? What if Abraham never left his fathers’ country as the Lord told him?

History is really a recorded collection of notable events accomplished by those who would not be conquered by fear. Yes fear was present and accounted for, but it would stay seated as those who had purpose rose to the occasion. So now, what is it that you are afraid to do? For some of us, it may be taking that first step. For others, it could be spending the money, finding the connections, or even changing locations entirely.

Whatever it is, it is time to stop calculating to perfection all of the possible outcomes, and let faith override the fear and manifest the longtime shoe slogan and just do it, even if you have to do it afraid.


Lavelle Eagle is the assistant editor of Brotha Magazine.

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